Adventure and Missions Tracks 

Two days while at Crossings, youth groups will either participate together in Adventure Track or Missions Track.

Churches that choose the Adventure Track will have the opportunity to participate in several different recreation programs at Skycroft (Confidence Course, high ropes course, bazooka ball, pool time, etc.). These activities are assigned, not elected.

Youth groups that choose the Missions Track go off-campus for the afternoon to serve in local missions. We partner with local churches/ministries so that our youth missionaries can help further God’s kingdom through the local church. While campers engage in a variety of missions activities and settings, most require some physical labor.

If we do not hear from your group by March 29, your church will be enrolled in the Adventure Track by default.

Important Information for Missions Track

Churches are responsible for their own transportation to and from mission sites.Skycroft provides a packed lunch to be eaten on location.

A few important considerations for determining if missions is a good fit for your group at camp:

  • Crossings camp staff will not be on-site with churches at mission sites. Therefore, we strongly encourage youth groups to consider their adult supervision before electing for the Mission Track.
  • Several mission sites we work with can only accomodate groups of 15 or fewer. Larger church groups may be split into smaller groups and sent to separate locations to serve. 

Churches may elect for 1 day of Adventure and 1 day of Missions.

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