Serve God on and off the Mountain!

Volunteering at Skycroft allows many individuals from our greater community of churches, retreat groups, and supporters to actively participate in the ministry of our camp and retreat center. Serving behind the scenes at Skycroft is a meaningful way of serving others so that they can grow in Jesus Christ during their time spent here.

Simply put, volunteers allow us to do much more than we could accomplish with just our staff. We are all working collaboratively to ensure a special, spiritually-enriching experience for all our guests and campers in the beauty of God’s creation here on the mountain.

Volunteer Areas

Housekeeping: Volunteering with our housekeeping team could include dusting, vacuuming, making beds, cleaning mirrors, detail cleaning, laundry, or other areas of general cleaning at our retreat center.

Maintenance and Grounds: Volunteering with our maintenance and grounds team could include firewood splitting/stacking, trail maintenance, weeding, mulching, gathering brush, power-washing, preparing meeting rooms or other areas of general maintenance.

Personal Skill Area: Do you have a unique skill or area of expertise that could benefit Skycroft’s ministry? Let us know where your skillset fits best on the volunteer application!