Campfires are a great addition to any retreat! Skycroft provides four campfire sites located around our campus, all of these sites vary in location and surroundings so you can choose which best fits your group. Due to high demand of campfires, we require that you reserve your group’s campfire site at least two weeks prior to your arrival.


Call or email our office to check on the availability on a campfire for your next retreat    800-536-6759

Details of Campfire Sites

We offer four different campfire sites: A-D; all of which provide benches for seating.

Campfire Site A: This site is neatly tucked right behind our picnic shelter, near the lower part of our campus. This spot is ideal for

Campfire Site B: About a three minute walk across campus will land you in a secluded part of the mountains. Surrounded by nature and trees, this campfire site provides a great spot to get a way from the main part of campus.

Campfire Site C: If you love a great view and a hike, this site is for you! After a 5-10 minute hike down the east side of the mountain, you and your group can enjoy a campfire site that overlooks all of Middletown Valley.

Campfire Site D: Our largest and most convenient campfire site, located right in the middle of camps is site D. This campfire site is surrounded by many benches and chairs to accommodate a large number of guests.