Campfire Sites

Campfires are a great addition to any retreat! Skycroft provides five campfire sites located around our campus, all of these sites vary in location and surroundings so you can choose which best fits your group. Due to high demand of campfires, we require that you reserve your group’s campfire site at least two weeks prior to your arrival.

Call or email our office to check on the availability on a campfire for your next retreat.


Phone: 800-536-6759

Campfire A

Campfire Site A is situated directly next to our picnic pavilion. This site is a beautiful mix of scenery and privacy with moveable benches and picnic tables for medium to large groups.

Campfire B

Campfire Site B is located directly next to the speedball paintball course. This site offers fixed benches for small to medium gatherings.

Campfire C

Campfire Site C or the “overlook” is situated about 1/2 mile from main campus along the side of South Mountain. Ideal for small to medium groups who desire privacy.

Campfire D

Campfire Site D is our flagship site located in the center of the large recreation field next to the palyground. This campfire site has many benches and rocking chairs that can accomodate small to large groups.

Campfire E

Campfire Site E is our newest addition. This campfire site is located only 300 feet from Pine Tree lodge. It has nine fixed benches and can accomodate small to medium groups.