Bazooka Ball

You can now enjoy a new and exciting recreation activity at Skycroft! Bazooka Ball is an ultra-low impact game similar to paintball. While it is similar to paintball, Bazooka Ball offers the ability for younger participants to play with no worry of painful impact.

Call or email our office to check on Bazooka Ball availability for your next retreat.

*This activity must be reserved at least two weeks prior to your retreat.


Phone: 800-536-6759


This includes protective glasses (or goggles for guests with eye-glasses), a Bazooka Ball cannon, and access to virtually unlimited bazooka balls. 

We have the capacity to run 35 people on our course at once.


$13 per person for an hour of play 


General Bazooka Ball Rules

  1. Foam Bazooka Balls are located in the teams “ball bucket” at the start point on either side of the course; number of balls follows a 5 balls per player ratio.
  2. Two ball possession limit: one ball in hand, one ball in barrel.
  3. Balls must be picked up and loaded with your hand, not by pushing the gun down onto the ball with the barrel.
  4. Balls can be picked up from the ground and used or returned to the team bucket; two ball

possession still applies.

  1. Each team member holds a colored flag in gun hand corresponding to the team’s color. The other team has a different color flag.
  2. If Shot: All flags in your possession are dropped where standing and you leave the course. Go to the back of the team re-spawn line at the entrance of the course.
  3. If your flag is collected by your team and brought safely to the re-spawn line, the first person in line re-joins in the game.
  4. If your flag is collected by the other team and brought safely to their team’s ball bucket, they score and the flag is out of play for the round.
  5. The other team’s flags cannot be used to re-spawn for your team, they are only used to score points.
  6. You cannot pick up more balls or flags if you are in possession of a second flag. 
  7. Once an enemy flag is collected in your “ball bucket” or a friendly flag gets to the re-spawn line, then the player may pick up another ball or flag.
  8. The game is over when:
    • Once all a team’s flags have been collected; surviving team wins the round!
    • The time limit is reach (5-10 min) and the horn is blown; team with the most collected points wins!  
  9. Bunkers cannot be moved by players.
  10. Players call their hits by the honesty code. (Dishonest players will be removed from game without refund.)
  11. When the round is over: 
  • All balls are collected and divided into the team’s bucket according to a 5 ball per player ratio.
  • The next round can begin immediately.