Skycroft has 6 different lodges to choose from. All lodges have bunk-style beds (guests should pack pillows, linens and blankets), they also include central heating and a/c, a lounge area, and separate bathrooms for men and women.


  • Sleeps 48 people
  • Communal bathrooms are along the hallway
  • Six Rooms
    • 4 rooms sleep 10 people each
    • 2 rooms sleep 4 people each

Pine Tree

  • Sleeps 40 people
  • Large conference space with a fireplace.
  • Two Rooms
    • Each room sleeps 20 people each
    • Each room has it’s own spacious bathroom located between the two rooms.


  • Sleeps 40 people
  • Lounge with a fireplace
  • Bathrooms along the hallway
  • Ten Rooms
    • Each room sleeps 4 people

Valley View

  • Sleeps 20 people
  • Each rooms sleeps 10 people
  • Small conference space with a fireplace
  • Bathrooms are outside each room

Holly & Laurel

  • Holly sleeps 14 people in one room
  • Laurel sleeps 18 people in one room
  • Each lodge has it’s own bathroom
  • Holly and Laurel are located next to each other

Lodge Rates (2024)

$103/person for the first night
$68/person for each additional night
All overnight stays include meals, a conference room, and use of our facilities.

Other Helpful Information


  • Check-in is at 4pm
  • Check-out for sleeping accommodations is 11am
  • Check-out for your meeting space is 2pm
  • Extended stay (for meeting space and use of the grounds, not sleeping accommodations) is available for a flat fee of $250.
  • With an extended stay, groups can check-in to their meeting space before 2pm OR stay in their meeting space and use the grounds after 2pm on the day they depart.
  • Additional meals are also available for an added fee.
  • Churches who belong to the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware receive a reduced rate. Please contact our office for more information at 800-536-6759.