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Skycroft offers plentiful opportunities for our guest groups to enjoy during their stay. Whether your group is an adult retreat, youth retreat, or other team-building oriented group, our amenities will ensure an extra element of relaxation, fun, and growth to your stay with us. Don’t forget to inquire about our amenities when booking your retreat with us! 

Overnight Accommodations

We have a space that is right for you! Click here to see our overnight accommodations.

Meeting Spaces

We have many meeting spaces of all shapes and sizes. Click here to see what options are available for your next retreat!

Recreation Activities

These activities are open during the entire duration of your visit with us. They are free of charge and allow a chance to connect with God while being free of distractions.

Adventure Activities

These activities are reserved two weeks before hand. They foster an atmosphere of confidence that allows the guest to grow their communication and team building skills while having fun!