What is the Summer Missionary program?


Skycroft’s Summer Missionary program is an opportunity for college-age young adults to spend their summer making a daily impact for God’s glory and gaining valuable ministry experience both on-campus at Skycroft and off-campus serving with the local church. 

Missionaries are a critical part of Skycroft’s summer camp ministry as they support various aspects of the operation including recreation, housekeeping, HeBrews coffee shop, maintenance, etc. 

Our missionaries also spend a portion of every week off-campus serving alongside local churches to spread the Gospel. Summer Missionaries assist churches with evangelism and outreach, inner city ministries, Vacation Bible Schools and other children’s programming, building projects, and much more. 


Please provide your assessment of the applicant in the following traits.

References will remain private and will not be shared with the applicant.
Walks with Integrity(Required)
Organizational Skills(Required)
Time Management(Required)
Takes Initiative(Required)
Works Well with Others(Required)
Willingness to Learn(Required)
Anger Management(Required)
Conflict Management(Required)
Spiritual Maturity:(Required)
Response to Authority:(Required)